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Add-Ons Additional Covers


Disclaimer: All of our products already come with covers on them in the colour of your choice. Our additional covers are intended for replacements or changing the colour of your product. 

Want to change the colour of your Add-Ons? Maybe you're redecorating or you just want a fresh new set of covers because we all know kids aren't the cleanest! Our cover sets give you the option to easily change the colour of your Add-Ons or make them look brand new again! 

Add-On covers are made of ultra-soft, luxurious, water/stain repellant microvelvet to provide a special cozy feel.

Our Add-On cover set includes covers for one set of Add-Ons (4 pieces: 2 x Armrests/Pillars, 2 x Footrests/Stepping Stones).

See Our Products page for more information on our fabric.

Shipping: All orders are shipped out the next day! Delivery time is normally 3 to 5 business days.


Add-Ons Additional Covers