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Kiddie Couch is the ultimate kids play couch that allows kids to play, entertain, relax, be cozy, be active and, best of all, be creative. This isn’t your average couch. Yes, it functions as a comfortable place to unwind and rest, but it also serves as a playground for endless hours of imaginative play! Whether it’s building a fort, making obstacles, or simply relaxing and reading a book - Kiddie Couch has you covered.

Kiddie Couch is made up of 3 fundamental elements:

•The Base
•The Cushion
•The Support Pillows

The combined weight is 25lbs.


Our Add-Ons serve as an expansion pack to take your Kiddie Couch to worlds never seen before! They function as a comfortable arm and foot rest OR serve as building blocks for kids to let their imaginations run wild. These add-ons allow you to fully take advantage of your Kiddie Couch and push it to it’s limits!

Our Add-Ons consist of 2 key elements:
•2 x Armrests/Pillars
•2 x Footrests/Stepping Stones

The combined weight is 5lbs.


Kiddie Couch + Add-Ons!